7 Most Destructive Habits People Have

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2 min readJul 27, 2022

People have many harmful and destructive habits, and the worst habits affect their lives. The seven most common destructive habits people have made the difference between the 1% from the 99%. Studies show if you are consistent with those seven guidelines, your life will change from one point to another.

1. Dominating conversation

Everyone wants to be heard, but most speak to thin air. As a matter of fact, from a psychological point of view, people love to listen to themselves or be the topic of the conversation. When you have an interview, it’s OK to lead to discussion. But think about that: when you give the other person to speak, you’ll get what’s on his mind and thoughts.

2. Overthinking

It depends if you’re overthinking Parshall of the time and not always in the right spot. When you are always overthinking, it’s just self-destruction. If you take a closer look, you realize there are more problems in our world than we can count; so focus on your path instead of overthinking and creating a new one. Overthinking, most of the time, will embrace depression and sadness — this is something that you don’t want in your life.

3. Over-attachment with people

Rule #1 Focus only on yourself. Nobody else has a glimpse of cares for you. Every man for himself is a significantly profound thing to say. The bottom line is, the more you less except people, the less you will be disappointed by them.


4. Procrastination

Always complete what you have started. Don’t avoid any tasks that you haven’t accomplished yet. Please do it yourself and take the pen, draw a thick line, and erase these tasks metaphorically or not. You can achieve much more than you think when you do not procrastinate.

5. Cheating yourself

You are scared of the truth. You cannot face it; you are just avoiding reality. But know this: facing reality and dealing with it means overcoming things more prominent than the inner you. Don’t cheat yourself and tell yourself false stories. The opposite self-convince is the wrong direction for you. Avoid it instantly.

6. Finding excuses

Excuses are between the lower point of yourself and other people. Finding reasons is for the week people that cannot handle what they are dealing with themselves. Don’t go near that.

7. Social Media

Social media platforms are the worst out there. Spending too much time on social media will eventually destroy you. Open your eyes; the world out there that you were missing is waiting for you. Not daily, but every second. And who will know better than all the money in the world can’t but the essential thing in life: Time.

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